Gaming Universe Raffle 2018 - 3 Years Gaming Universe

Gaming Universe will be 3 years old soon. <3

On Sunday, November 19th 2018 there will be a raffle on the occasion of 3 Years Gaming Universe Anniversary.

Participation conditions: You have registred an account at Gaming Universe.

Participation in the raffle is free!

In order to register for participation in the raffle you have to make a confirmation for this date:

(Deadline 24.11. um 17:59)

You'll double your chance of winning by joining our Steam Group:

and leave a post in the forum with the hashtag #GUVerlosung and your nickname of Gaming Universe.

Products that are being raffled:

6x Gaming Universe Backpack (Backpack with Gaming Universe imprint)

1x Battlefield V (for Origin)
1x Starcitizen (+ Raven Schiff)

2x Escape from Tarkov (for BSG)

5x 7 Days to Die (for Steam)

1x PUBG (for Steam)

3x Spintires (for Steam)
3x Miscrated (for Steam)

3x Troppico 5 (for Steam)

1x Arma Cold War Assault (for Steam)

3x Move or Die (for Steam)

Special thanks to our sponsors:

GrimHex Star Citizen Store

(Starcitizen + Reaven ship)

Polnisches Besorgungsamt [Multigaming Clan]

(Troppico 5, Spintires, Battlefield V, Escape from Tarkov, PUBG)

Gaming Universe Serverteam

(Gaming Universe Backpacks, Move or Die, Miscrated, Arma Cold War Assault, 7 Days to Die)


How to register at Gaming Universe:

The first step is to connect to our teamsepak (

and the second step is to click at our website ( on „Login or register“ and follow further instructions.

(Your Teamspeak-account will be linked to your account.)

Please ask Daniel [IceGalahad] or Gen.Jacob if you have futher questions. Or per mail at

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